Where Are the Coolest Pools?

At Aqua Touch Pool Care, we strive to be the very best at what we do. We’re constantly on the look out for the next big thing in the pool industry and we get really excited when we find a particularly “cool pool,” so naturally we want to share our discovery with you!

Below is a list of 5 of the pools that really caught our attention. Which is your favorite?

San Alfonso del Mar

San Alfonso

San Alfonso

For those who need a little more pool in their pool, this magnificent resort holds the record for the largest crystalline water pool. At over 1km (about ⅔ of a mile) in length, this baby holds more than 250 million liters (that’s more than 66 million gallons) of water!


The “Fish House” Pool

You’ve heard of underground basements, but this guy took it to a whole new level by constructing a pool that literally surrounds the entire glass-enclosed basement. Not only that, but this 2+ million dollar pool is filled with saltwater and features infinity edges while it weaves in and out of the main house structure.


Hidden Water Pools

Do you remember fantasizing about trapdoors and hidden passageways when you were a child? Well, we did too, except we always dreamed of pools like that – secret underground grottos and cliffside mansions…apparently we weren’t alone because despite being out in the open, this pool is definitely worthy of the James Bond music.


Ubud Hanging Gardens

Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali

Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali


There’s just something about infinity pools that really gets people excited, and the Ubud Hanging Gardens in Bali are quite possibly the coolest of the cool when it comes to infinity pools. The surrounding rainforest almost seems to swallow the pool whole.


Capella Pedregal Resort, Mexico

resort at pedregal

Resort at Pedregal


Pool + Ocean + Bar? Sign us up! Located in Cabo, San Lucas, this fantastic pool is so close to the ocean that you can actually taste the salt! And with waves crashing as you sit at a magnificent swim-up bar, life can’t really get much better.

Love our “Cool Pool” list? Do you know of a cool pool we forgot to mention? Let us know in a comment below! And remember to call Aqua Touch Pool Care when you’re ready to make your own pool the envy of your neighborhood.