5 Tips to Keep Your Pool in Tip Top Shape

The tips below will help you keep your pool in pristine shape and ready for action this summer!

Cleaning Baskets / Filters

A very common pool care mistake is not cleaning skimmer baskets, pool cleaner bags and leaf catchers, pump basket and filter often enough. All baskets and leaf catchers should be emptied once a week. Even with a weekly pool service pool owners should check these areas between service visits, especially within 24 hours after a storm. Brushing the walls and tile down often enough is just as important. If your circulation system is suspect, and many are, brushing down the walls will help eliminate algae problems.

The filter should also be cleaned on a regular basis. Left unattended, your filter will cease to function properly. In a “worse-case-scenario”, the pump may be damaged or destroyed and the filter elements may collapse, making them unusable.

Pool Filter Schedule

It is easy to fall into the trap of trying to save electricity by skimping on the daily pool filter run time. Money might be saved in the short term, but in the long term the cost can be significant with the pool problems that lie ahead. Especially in the hot summer months, all the water must be filtered once a day. If the run time is not long and the all pool water is not getting filtered each day, it is more likely that algae and more problems will occur. Adequate run time of the equipment is critical to the operation of just about everything else related to the pool. The automatic pool cleaner, chlorinator and heater will not work unless the equipment is operating efficiently and long enough. Give us a call to find out how long your pool should be running.

Efficient Pool Cleaner

Everyone hopes to get a long life out of their pool cleaner, but at some point it’s time to retire it. Many times, pool owners attempt to rebuild existing pool cleaners in the hopes of extending its life and avoiding the cost of a new cleaner. However, this only delays the inevitable. It’s important to keep in mind that, when purchasing a new cleaner, you don’t have to buy the most expensive model. Oftentimes, the models in the $400 to 500 range are very effective and in most pools will last at least 5 years. It is important to have a good pool cleaner to keep the pool clean between service visits. And don’t ignore any unusual signs, no matter how small. Odd noises from the equipment can signal trouble ahead, even if it seems to be working fine right now.

Pool Water Level

If the pool does not have an auto-fill that keeps the water at a constant level, by normal evaporation or through a leak in the pool, it can easily drop near to or below the skimmer intake. When this happens the pump begins to draw air (instead of water) into the circulating system. This causes the pump to lose its “prime.” When it loses prime, water is no longer moving through the circulating system and none of the equipment is working. CAUTION: The water inside the pump housing can reach over 200 degrees if it runs for an extended period of time without a “prime.” The heat and the steam created can melt piping, fittings, and the pump. If you open the pump strainer, SCALDING WATER VAPOR CAN SPRAY OUT WITH DISASTROUS RESULTS!! Never open the strainer housing on your pump if you even think that this condition might exist. Call an expert, like the ones at Aqua Touch Pool Care, to deal with this situation for you.

Watch for Leaks

Due to fears of torn up concrete and huge repair bills, home owners often put off leak detection. But it is possible that your leak detection will be painless. The leak detection itself is around $200-300 plus the cost of fixing the leak. Sometimes the fix is just a new fitting and some silicone; it’s not always a big deal. However, if you are loosing water underground think of how the water in the soil could be impacting your pool or even your home’s foundation over the long run. What if it causes displacement of your pool or pool deck? The water has to be going somewhere. Call us to schedule a leak detection service team to find out what’s going on.