Tune Up Your Hot Tub for Winter

The days are getting more pleasant and the nights are getting downright cool. That means it’s time to prep your hot tub for its prime season!

It’s likely that with the warm summer months and the pool already being plenty warm, the heater for the hot tub hasn’t been used or tested since last winter. Time to check everything out and make sure it’s ready for those famous Arizona sunsets and chilly winter evenings we all look forward to this time of year.

A few tips for ensuring your hot tub is ready to please this season:

1. Check your hot tub supplies.  With the holidays around the corner and high-season company in town for all of our popular winter events, you’ll want to be ready for a quick spruce up if necessary.A few items to keep on hand include shock for spas, pH Down, Alkalinity Up and Bromine tabs for spas.

2. Keep your hot tub in good condition. It’s easy to overlook the hot tub during warm summer months, but keep an eye on water levels and water pH to ensure all is in good working order even when you’re not using it regularly.

3. Call for an inspection / service.  It’s a good idea to have the equipment checked out to make sure all is working properly well before you head out to the hot tub for a relaxing soak after a long day.  Remember to ask for a refresher course on the best process and settings for heating the hot tub efficiently.

4. Clean the hot tub filters regularly. Using a spa filter cleaner spray can improve filter life and efficiency. Specially formulated cleaners help protect spa filters from body oil & lotions. Or for certain filtration results replace spa filter cartridge once a year, in the fall, at the time of starting up the hot tub.

5. Maintain the water level.  The water does evaporate more rapidly off the hot tub surface during cold, dry weather.  Make sure that the water is above the skimmer line so you’ll have continued filtration and operational jets. You may also consider a cover to help retain heat and minimize evaporation.

If you need a lesson on your heating equipment and/or a check on equipment to make sure all is ready to go, just give us a call to schedule an appointment!