Is Your Pool Losing Water or Evaporating?

Pools are great to beat the heat, but how do you know if they have a leak?

Leaks in your pool system may be difficult to spot for one of two reasons. If you have an autofill device, it will continue to keep the pool’s water level the same by adding water on a more frequent intermittent basis. Also, some people routinely fill the pool themselves with a hose on a regular basis. This isn’t neccesarily a good thing because you may not be keeping track of how often you’re doing this.

Most leaks with the pool are found in the pool equipment. Every once in a while inspect the pool equipment and look for visible leaks.

First, check for white crusty mineral deposits on pipes which could signal a slow leak.

Secondly, look for wet spots on the ground around the pool, pool equipment, and between the equipment and the pool.

One sure way to find out if your pool has a leak is to perform the bucket test. You will need a bucket and wax pen. Discontinue manually adding water to the pool. Also, if you have autofill be sure it is turned off. If you don’t know how to turn off your autofill just contact us.

Place a bucket or container on a pool step without submerging it, and then fill it with water so it is the same level with the pool water. Use a wax marker to mark the level of the water in the pool and the level of the water in the bucket.

Wait at least two to three days to let natural evaporation occur. If it rains or it’s a windy day you may have to redo the test.

If both the levels go down the same amount in the pool and in the bucket, then you don’t have a leak. If the water level in the pool has dropped more than the level in the bucket, you have a leak.

Think you may have a leak, or would like to have your pool and equipment inspected? Just call – we’re happy to help!