How to Care for Your Pool During Monsoon Season

Here are some tips to help keep your pool in good shape despite what Mother Nature throws at it this monsoon season:

  • Check skimmer and pump baskets daily to ensure proper circulation and remove any blockages.
  • Make sure your pool cleaner is in good condition and working properly.  Clear any debris from suction port.
  • Keep your landscaping neatly trimmed and stray leaves raked up so they don’t end up in the pool during windy conditions.
  • Brush your pool walls, steps and benches between service visits to prevent staining.  Using a clarifier will help filter the dust out.
  • Increase sanitizer levels by adding liquid chlorine will accommodate for the increase of dirt and plant material that end up in the pool.
  • Double check that your pool cleaning/filtration system is running an appropriate amount of time. The general rule of thumb is to run your system 1 hour for every 10 degrees of midday, ambient temperature.

Monsoon season is here, which means additional pool care during monsoon with the added challenges of dust, dirt & debris.

Monsoon used to start when the dew point was 55 degrees or more for 3 consecutive days in a row. This resulted in somewhat of a guessing game based on varying numbers as to when monsoon had officially started. In order to remove the guesswork, the National Weather Service updated their guidelines in 2008. Monsoon now officially begins June 15th and ends September 30th.

Here are a few monsoon fun facts (obtained from the National Weather Service, Phoenix Weather Forecast Office):

  • The average total number of monsoon days (where a monsoon day is considered one with an average dew point of 55 degrees or higher) is 56
  • The greatest number of monsoon days was 99, recorded in 1984
  • The fewest number of monsoon days was 27, recorded in 1962
  • The greatest number of consecutive monsoon days was 72, from June 25 through September 4, 1984. This was also the greatest number of consecutive days with dew points of 60 degrees or higher
  • In Phoenix, normal rainfall during July, August and September is 2.65 inches
  • The wettest monsoon occurred in 1984 when we had 9.38 inches of rain
  • The driest monsoon occurred in 1924 with only 0.35 inches

If you need assistance getting your pool back in shape after a storm, or keeping it sparkling throughout monsoon season, contact Aqua Touch!